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Directed by Dino Dimopoulos & Simon Ryninks


Theme Park
Pat Cahill
Alma Fournier-Carballo
Clementine Cheetham
Hanna Harlyn
John Kearns
Adam Loxley
Sophie Steer
Callum Tikly
Olivia Vinall
Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke
Jasper the Dog


Produced and edited by Simon Ryninks and Dino Dimopoulos 
Shot by Dino Dimopoulos, Simon Ryninks and Tom Walker


Art Directors: Emma Denby and Elizabeth Lindsay
Styling: Sophie Bew

Commissioned by Grania Howard and Will Hann


Production Assistants 
Daisy Cooper
Tom Walker
Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz
Sophie Bew


Amanda Russell and Jason Cox
Les the lorry man
Bovingdon Airfield




"The slick Unthank Alliance directed video reflects the smooth, infectious, jangly pop harmonies of the young four-piece."

Line of Best Fit


“Featuring a rather dashing looking young gentleman wandering around a dis-used airstrip, the solitary walker is joined by more and more young 'uns until they find a milk truck and have a jolly nice hoe down. We kid thee not. Watch it now!”
Clash Magazine


“Theme Park's singer Miles Haughton in a Topman tux carries off runway chic better than the entire cast of Pan Ann... with a little help from stylist Sophie Bew.”
GQ Magazine


“It’s the moment when Rawhide rejoined the cavaliers at the end Buckaroo Banzai, or when Owen Wilson is at the top of the boat in The Life Aquatic, that moment of reflection in the things lost really makes the video. Excellent homage.”
Youtube comment


Featured on Huh Magazine



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